Work parties Saturdays 10am Jan – March 2017

Winter upgrades and maintenance

We have many new and exciting projects lined up to 2017.  As you know there is no sailing at the club until the end of March, so for the next couple of months we will be focusing on preparing for the rest of the year.

This includes some very necessary work at the clubhouse -refreshing the décor, adding some cupboards, replacing the leaking windows, painting some of the steel containers, painting the outside benches, pressure washing in the patio, some electrical work in the boat house, the new screens to the ladies changing room, re-sealing the clubhouse floor and mending the road.

Work parties have already commenced and are on the Saturdays at 10.00 am to 2.00 pm with bacon butties and burgers for breakfast and lunch respectively (chef required – enquire within).  We do rely on volunteers to get this work done before the sailing season starts at the end of March rather than incorporate within the formal duties requirement and we would like to continue this way, so if you are available even for a few hours over the next couple of months please the drop by with your decorating clothes and tool box.

Additionally, the club owned boats need a thorough refurbishment over the winter and I’m very grateful that Matt Fowler is going to lead this project.  He does however need some support.


Adrian Peckham

Blaze Sailor since 2011.RS Q'ba, Enterprise, Graduate and Mirror before that. Sailing Secretary 2014.